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Or can you prove otherwise?

Question 1
Your vet has given you a weed from the mint family called Nepeta cataria. But what do most of us call it?
Question 2
What acid both cramps your muscles and makes milk go bad?
Question 3
What does the first law of thermodynamics conserve?
Question 4
For years, they made fun of Alfred Wegener and his amateur ideas about what is now called plate tectonics. Then it turned out that he was right. Oops. Whom did Wegener show up?
Question 5
As Homer Simpson might know, which of these is not a cow?
Question 6
French zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, author of "On the Track of Unknown Animals," coined what word?
Question 7
In addition to inventing a proto-computer, Charles Babbage also invented the cowcatcher. What is this?
Question 8
Although a troy ounce is about 30 grams heavier than an avoirdupois ounce, an avoirdupois pound is 16 ounces instead of 12. So a pound of which of these items is heaviest ... sort of?
Question 9
What eccentric scientist was born to Serbian parents in the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary, in an area that today is now in Croatia?
Question 10
What reduces the efficiency of machines, because it turns kinetic energy into heat?
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