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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
The explorer Hernando De Soto was born in which century?
Question 2
Which country is doubly landlocked in that it is surrounded by landlocked countries?
Question 3
What US state is nicknamed "The Land of Enchantment"?
Question 4
Which explorer sailed a ship called Kon Tiki Raft?
Question 5
Macau was given to China in 1999 by which country?
Question 6
The fastes train in the world at a top speed of 303mph comes from?
Question 7
What is the name for dark volcanic glass?
Question 8
Australia is the world's fourth largest exporter of which drink?
Question 9
What is the lowest point of the US?
Question 10
Which of the following is the administrative capital of Gwent?
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