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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
Which US city had the highest GDP in 2012?
Question 2
The U.S. state of Massachusetts is also known by what name?
Question 3
What is Indonesia's capital and largest city, nicknamed the "Big Durian"?
Question 4
Clapham is in which London postcode?
Question 5
What American president had a marijuana patch in his backyard?
Question 6
In what year did Venezuela gain its independence?
Question 7
What is the only US state that borders four of the five Great Lakes?
Question 8
Which major river flows through Frankfurt?
Question 9
Known for war canoes made from kauri pine, which of the world's peoples have traditionally believed in tapu (taboo), mauri (life force), utu (revenge) and makutu (sorcery)?
Question 10
The South American weather front El Nino, translates directly in English to what?
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