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Very hard geography quiz, can you get more than 5 correct?

Question 1
What US state is nicknamed "The Aloha state"?
Question 2
In what Central European country lies the steep city of Wuppertal?
Question 3
Who led the first successful Antarctic expedition between 1910 and 1912 to the South Pole?
Question 4
What is the length of the Statue of Liberty's index finger?
Question 5
Which American president had an explorer son called Kermit?
Question 6
Which country is home to the Okavango Delta, a rich source of African wildlife?
Question 7
On the London Underground which tube line is coloured grey?
Question 8
Which of these States does not fall into the Bible Belt?
Question 9
What is the island Alcatraz famed for?
Question 10
The pyramids are to be found in which country?
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