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An undefeatable history quiz

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Question 1
In November 1999, Elian Gonzales caused all kinds of controversy. How?
Question 2
Quoting a West African proverb, what president liked to say that he wanted to "speak softly and carry a big stick"?
Question 3
If he hadn't been forced to quit the vice-presidency because of all those bribes he took, who would have been president, since the guy ahead of him was also forced out of the White House?
Question 4
In 1947, who was the first person to break the sound barrier?
Question 5
In the late 19th century, what was marketed and sold as the cure for "young people afflicted with timidity in society"?
Question 6
What was the name of the Archduke who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914?
Question 7
In 2014, Russia announced that it was raising the price of what commodity for the Ukraine by 80%?
Question 8
What drug s approved in 1987 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a treatment of HIV/AIDS?
Question 9
Where did the United States broadcast Radio y Television Marti to?
Question 10
What video game broke industry sales records with its release in 2013?
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