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Is there anybody who can score higher than a 5 in this hard quiz?

Question 1
What country's people can be named to the National Order of the Condor of the Andes?
Question 2
What is the dominant religion in the Philippines?
Question 3
In which US city is the bulk of the Smithsonian Institute situated?
Question 4
Radio City Hall in New York is what type of architecture?
Question 5
The Center building, at 1135 feet tall, is found where in the world?
Question 6
What city in Ivory Coast is sometimes referred to as the "Paris of West-Africa"?
Question 7
Which country has the largest population?
Question 8
The Islands of the Bahamas boast which capital city?
Question 9
Which country has the smallest population?
Question 10
In addition to English, what is the other national language in Kenya?
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