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Question 1
In 1956 what country's bartenders celebrated their new American-born royal with a new drink called the princess cocktail, made with American bourbon, grenadine and fresh cream?
Question 2
Because showing images was discouraged, Islamic art features all but what?
Question 3
If an area is described as arid what is this referring to?
Question 4
Throughout 2008, the UK was involved in a war with which of these mountainous countries?
Question 5
New Mexico shares a border with which of these states?
Question 6
Which acronym describes a high-quality video standard?
Question 7
If you hit the ball in the hole on your first swing, what have you done?
Question 8
What is the main solid ingredient of Alphabet soup?
Question 9
2000's "Riding With the King" was a Grammy-winning collaboration between B.B. King and which guitarist?
Question 10
Which of the following weekly magazines is known for its gridded television programming schedules?
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We selected 3 interesting quizzes for you