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General Knowledge

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Question 1
What is the nickname that has followed NBA star Chris Andersen?
Question 2
Who was the great middleweight boxer nicknamed "Marvelous"?
Question 3
What Pretenders singer provides backing vocals on U2's Pride (In the Name of Love)?
Question 4
During World War I, what was Big Bertha?
Question 5
How many Secretaries of State served under John Kennedy?
Question 6
In the early 1920s Marc Chagall took many jobs providing what for Vollard Publishing?
Question 7
What word means a reckless adventure?
Question 8
What 2013 film's story is about the recounting of Kerouac's stays at a cabin on the coast?
Question 9
A 1977 plane crash claimed the lives of three members of which band?
Question 10
Oystercatcher birds hunt mussels and are classified as stabbers or what?
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