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General Trivia

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Question 1
What did the letters in the cable network TLC originally stand for?
Question 2
Snubbed for her role in "Taxi Driver," whom did the Golden Globes honor the next year for her role in "Freaky Friday"?
Question 3
In the metric system, how much does a cubic centimeter of water weigh at 4 degrees Celsius?
Question 4
In 2013, the police mistook the Duke of York for an intruder at Buckingham Palace, and detained him. Who is he?
Question 5
In what year did an earthquake destroy three quarters of San Francisco?
Question 6
Whose bust is the most famous Egyptian piece of art to be found in Berlin?
Question 7
Which word would best describe non-fiction?
Question 8
Which Australian capital was once called Palmerston, but changed its name in honor of the famous 19th century English naturalist?
Question 9
Addis Ababa is the capital of which country
Question 10
Which way was a hit for Gerry Rafferty?
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