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Which story is about a woman dealing with the boss from hell at a stylish magazine?
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What does ITTF, the governing body for all international table tennis associations, stand for?
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East Harlem was once known as Italian Harlem. But as Ben E King knows, what other name does it have now?
Question 4 of 10
The yellowjacket is the most common what?
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In South America, what are 'gauchos'?
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Who was Vice President under John F. Kennedy?
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In 2010, Rich Whitney was the Green Party candidate for governor in Illinois. Unfortunately, there was a typo in his name in 23 wards, about half of which were mostly African-American areas. How, exactly, did his name appear in those wards?
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Which impairment does a squirrel have?
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Choose the correct answer approximating 11/12 using up to four decimal points?
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Wallabies, quokka and pademelons are in the Macropodidae family. What is the most famous animal in this family?