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Luther Vandross sang backing vocals on which Stevie Wonder hit?
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Belfast is the largest city in which of these regions?
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Which word can be defined as rapid transformation?
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This animal's memory isn't so special, it doesn't die en masse in graveyards, and it's not so much that they're scared of mice, but that they can be surprised by them in confined spaces. What are these pachyderms?
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In Jamaica, try a pastry tart called either gizzada or pinch-me-not, which is filled with various sweets and what grated palm fruit?
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Born Jeanine Deckers, Sister Luc-Gabrielle had a #1 song, "Dominique," about the founder of her order. Who was she?
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Which of these is a scientific definition for the term "matter"?
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Laura Ashley started producing which items in 1953?
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Space rock that enters the Earth's atmosphere is known as a what?
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Who sang the famous song Running On Faith (1989)?