General Trivia Quiz
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Which of the states has the official nickname 'Lone Star State'?
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Which city in Florida is home to Disneyland?
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World War I officially ended on November 11, 1918, at 11 AM. At 10:59 AM, one minute before WWI officially ended, a demoted US soldier, Henry Gunther tried to regain his honor by leading a squad attack on a German machine gun roadblock in Chaumont-devant-Damvilliers, France. When was this?
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Which is an app that works as a golf scorecard with auto calculation?
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What is 50 halved, plus three dozen?
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What number is usually expressed as 3.1415?
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In which century was "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" published?
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What is the highest mountain in France?
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Which of these movies is a war movie: 'The Longest Day', 'To Have and Have Not', 'Ben-Hur' or 'Three Days of the Condor'?
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William Bones, Jim Hawkins and Squire Trelawney are characters in which 1950 movie?