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Question 1
John Hinckley was one of nearly 100,000 people who gathered in Central Park for a tribute to John Lennon. Who did he shoot himself, three months later?
Question 2
What does "Little Miss Muffet" eat?
Question 3
In Scotland, what is a 'wean'?
Question 4
Which device allows several computers to wirelessly share one Internet source?
Question 5
Quesadillas are included in which cuisine?
Question 6
Jewish refugees often fled to what neutral European country to escape the Nazis in World War II?
Question 7
On what Japanese cities did the U.S. drop atomic bombs in 1945?
Question 8
The Irish Travellers are not gypsies (and aren't really Irish, either). They're also known by what rather pejorative name?
Question 9
With what materials were the Egyptian pyramids built?
Question 10
Which of these was not originally a Mexican dish?
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