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Old History Quiz about the 1940's

Question 1
Whose Wikipedia page fit into all these categories? 1942 births, Women film directors, Jewish singers, New York Democrats
Question 2
Where did the 1945 World Zionist Conference call for Jewish state?
Question 3
Where did the 1944 WWII battle code named "Operation Overlord" take place?
Question 4
In 1948, what did Henri Matisse design for the St. Dominique Church?
Question 5
Who is the 'Queen of Soul Music', who was born in Tennessee in 1942?
Question 6
Who succeeded Neville Chamberlain as British prime minister in 1940?
Question 7
In 1943, Ignacio Anaya improvised fried tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and jalapenos, which was named for what nickname of his?
Question 8
Who proclaimed the Communist People's Republic of China in 1949?
Question 9
In what city were the most famous war trials against leading Nazis held in 1946?
Question 10
Which nation in Southern Asia gained its independence on August 15, 1947 from the U.K.?
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