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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Who stars in the show "How to Boil Water" with chef Tyler Florence?
Question 2
What is the Brazilian word for breakfast?
Question 3
From which country did popcorn originate?
Question 4
What is the literal meaning of the Spanish culinary term 'escabeche'?
Question 5
The silk and husks should be removed from which of these vegetables before it is eaten?
Question 6
Which food does Bobby Flay dislike so much that he removed it from his restaurant's menu?
Question 7
What is edible as a young shoot but is better food for pandas when it's grown bigger?
Question 8
Cottage fries are like french fries, but what do they look like?
Question 9
If you order white tea in China, what do you get?
Question 10
Before turkey was introduced to England, what did wealthy people have for Christmas dinner?
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