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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
Which country brews San Miguel beer?
Question 2
What fruit comes in such varieties as Persian, Australian, musk, kaffir, key and blood?
Question 3
Who was the cartoon mascot for Kellogg's "Pop-Tarts" in 1971?
Question 4
Before turkey was introduced to England, what did wealthy people have for Christmas dinner?
Question 5
What popular Japanese food that features deep fried curry wrapped in a piece of dough?
Question 6
Forget the diet. I want pasta with a sauce of eggs, cream, parmesan and bacon. What do I order?
Question 7
Which vegetable had a popular doll named after it?
Question 8
A Turkish version is called borek, but what country claims the phyllo pastry?
Question 9
These cocktails are trading tales of their sexual exploits at a bar. Which one turns out to be a virgin?
Question 10
What is a "baguette"?
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