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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
What does the name of the family restaurant "A&W" stand for?
Question 2
What kind of beer is Honey Brown?
Question 3
Since the late 1980s what is the newest Smartie colour?
Question 4
What is "Frumenty"?
Question 5
What is meat from sheep called?
Question 6
What kind of cuisine can you expect to find in a Brazilian "churrascaria"?
Question 7
What bean is named for something that has now been bred out of it?
Question 8
What is the main ingredient in the Arab dish 'Falafel'?
Question 9
Scallions get their name from the Latin for caepa Ascalonia, meaning literally that they were what food from Ascalon, a seaport now called Ashkelon in Israel?
Question 10
What kind of food is "filleted finney"?
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