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Literature Quiz

Question 1
In "Stand By Me", what food does Vern say he would not mind eating for the rest of his life?
Question 2
What do relative pronouns do in a sentence?
Question 3
What was the title of John Grisham's first published novel?
Question 4
Which seaside town plays a significant role in Jane Austen's novel "Persuasion"?
Question 5
Who was the author of the best selling 1916 fiction book "Just David"?
Question 6
How many Bronte sisters were there?
Question 7
Which of these would be a gerund formed from the verb see?
Question 8
How did Harry summon the Knight Bus in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"?
Question 9
What was the name of Alice's cat in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"?
Question 10
What author wrote "The Kitchen God's Wife", "The Joy Luck Club" and "The Hundred Secret Senses"?
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