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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Stephen Dedalus, Leopold Bloom and Molly Bloom are the main characters of which novel?
Question 2
Which author wrote the young adult science fiction "Divergent" trilogy?
Question 3
Which one of these can be a linking verb?
Question 4
Who wrote the Dune series of science fiction novels?
Question 5
Which writer killed his wife while trying to shoot a glass off her head?
Question 6
What year was "Dune" published?
Question 7
Which of the following plays is not descended from Johann Nestroy's "Einen Jux will er sich machen"?
Question 8
The Story of My Experiments with Truth' is the autobiography of who?
Question 9
Which two schools did author Dan Brown graduate from?
Question 10
What tall tale character was described as "half horse and half alligator"?
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