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Literature Quiz

Question 1
What was the date of William Shakespeare's baptism?
Question 2
The "trivia" comes from a Latin term for what?
Question 3
Which of these is NOT the Newspeak name of a Ministry of Oceania in George Orwell's "1984"?
Question 4
The 1974 book titled "The Killer, Angels" was written by?
Question 5
What is Atreyu trying to save in "The Neverending Story"?
Question 6
Which of these authors is considered an existentialist writer?
Question 7
Who said "you can't go home again"?
Question 8
How did "Robinson Crusoe" end up on an island?
Question 9
Who wrote "Charlotte's Web"?
Question 10
Jeffrey Deaver's "The Sleeping Doll" features Kathryn Dance, who first appeared in what book?
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