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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which alien race mined Earth for its resources in "Battlefield Earth"?
Question 2
Apollo, the Roman and Greek god of the sun, was identified with which instrument?
Question 3
Who wrote, "On the Pulse of the Morning" for Clinton's Inauguration?
Question 4
In Stephen King's "The Stand", who is Lloyd Henreid's accomplice in his pre-prison crime spree?
Question 5
Which one of these words is an indefinite pronoun?
Question 6
What is the name of Jack's wife in "The Shining"?
Question 7
Ivy was the badge of what Greek god?
Question 8
Who was Edgar Allan Poe's wife?
Question 9
How did Claudia die in the Anne Rice novel "Interview with the Vampire"?
Question 10
Who wrote the book "Childhood's End"?
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