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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Who was not part of Ken Kesey's "Merry Pranksters"?
Question 2
What was the first novel by Mitch Albom, who published "For One More Day" in 2006?
Question 3
In the bestseller "Like Water For Elephants", what causes the main character to join the circus?
Question 4
In what month did Virginia Poe (Edgar Allen Poe's wife) die?
Question 5
When should a pronoun be used in the subjective case?
Question 6
What book about friendship did Arnold Lobel write?
Question 7
What was the age difference between William Shakespeare and his wife?
Question 8
Who created the character Kenneth Widmerpool?
Question 9
In Anne Rice's "The Vampire Armand", what was the name of Armand's mortal sister?
Question 10
Which poet was considered to be quite a lover but died alone?
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