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Literature Quiz

Question 1
In "The Harlequin", who is the Master of the City of St. Louis?
Question 2
What is the profession of Danny Meyer, author of the 2006 book "Setting the Table"?
Question 3
Which word is a conjunction?
Question 4
What kind of whale was "Moby Dick"?
Question 5
Who is the main character of the "Magic School Bus" books?
Question 6
Who is Percy's girlfriend in Books 2 and 3 of the "Harry Potter" series?
Question 7
What does the subject do in an active voice sentence?
Question 8
From which Dr Seuss book is Schanck & Skipper Zipp a character?
Question 9
In the Shel Silverstein poem, what large snake was eating the poet?
Question 10
What does a complex-compound sentence have?
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