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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Who is Ford Prefect's earthling friend in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"?
Question 2
Which pop star's autobiography Learning To Fly was the third best-selling book in the UK in 2001?
Question 3
Which US president had his autobiography 'An American Life', published in 1990?
Question 4
Which tennis legend wrote a 2009 bestselling autobiography?
Question 5
Who wrote the 1957 American novel "On the Road"?
Question 6
Which city gave Ian McEwan the title of his 1998 Booker Prize winning novel?
Question 7
Who wrote the novel 'The Loved One'?
Question 8
The Story of My Life' first published in 1903, is the autobiography of who?
Question 9
Who wrote the bestselling novel The Carpetbaggers?
Question 10
Which of the March sisters marries Laurie in "Little Women"?
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