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Literature Quiz

Question 1
What type of sentence has one independent and one dependent clause?
Question 2
What is the syllabic pattern of the haiku?
Question 3
What 2012 novel is the first book of the "Marriage to a Billionaire" series written by Jennifer Probst?
Question 4
In which city in the United Kingdom is Irvine Welsh's novel "Trainspotting" set?
Question 5
Grand Duke Wilfred is found in which Dr. Seuss children's book?
Question 6
Who wrote "The Red Pony"?
Question 7
In the Anne Rice novel "Pandora", who was the second vampire to give Pandora immortal blood?
Question 8
In the first "Harry Potter" book, what kind of dragon is Norbert?
Question 9
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was based on a game of cards. What was the motif for Through the Looking Glass?
Question 10
What 2012 fiction novel is set in a town called Pagford and begins with the death of Barry Fairbrother?
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