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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which 2004 book, subtitled "7 steps to living at your full potential", was a best-seller?
Question 2
In F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby", where did the Wilsons live?
Question 3
What was the date of William Shakespeare's baptism?
Question 4
In "Hamlet", what was the name of the person whose skull Hamlet discovered?
Question 5
Who wrote the sci-fi book "Slaughterhouse-Five"?
Question 6
Who wrote the South African novel "The Smell of Apples"?
Question 7
In what country does Khaled Hosseini's 2007 novel, "A Thousand Splendid Suns", take place?
Question 8
Which contemporary English author wrote "London Fields"?
Question 9
In which place in England did Jane Austen die?
Question 10
Who is the Great Brain in the "Great Brain" series of books?
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