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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Which was the first film to shut down Hollywood Boulevard and Highland for seven days for the shooting?
Question 2
What was Oliver Stone's final Vietnam trilogy film?
Question 3
In 2001, which Oscar category became the newest to be added?
Question 4
What is the name of the school featured in the Harry Potter movies?
Question 5
Name the film which saw a pig make friends with a sheep dog in 1995.
Question 6
The last Carry On film ever made was called what?
Question 7
What movie star co-wrote the movie Rushmore directed by Wes Anderson?
Question 8
Who was the voice of the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2?
Question 9
The biography of who picked up 8 Oscars in 1982?
Question 10
What kind of pies does Snow White offer to bake for the seven dwarfs?
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