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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Of the Best Actress nominees, who is the youngest?
Question 2
What Stephen King novel did Kevin K├Âlsch and Dennis Widmyer turn into a 2019 movie?
Question 3
What Judd Apatow movie had its theatrical released cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic?
Question 4
Who does Emma marry in the 2020 film 'Emma'?
Question 5
What fantasy drama that premiered at Sundance is a retelling of Peter Pan?
Question 6
What film do Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson star together in?
Question 7
Which actor played 'Dr. Alex Hesse' in the 1994 film 'Junior'?
Question 8
Following the success of Tiger King, Netflix released a follow up episode with interviews of the cast by who?
Question 9
Which musician performed Yesterday during the In Memoriam sequence at the Academy Awards?
Question 10
Which 2020 movie sequel did Justin Timberlake serve as Executive Producer on the soundtrack for?
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