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Movies Quiz

Question 1
What song is playing as Jimmy and Tommy beat Billy Batts in Goodfellas?
Question 2
Which of these actors is not in Breaking Bad?
Question 3
Sid James played the part of The Rumpo Kid in which Carry On film?
Question 4
Lee Evans appeared on the big screen in which comedy?
Question 5
Who directed the movies The Big Parade, The Crowd and War and Peace?
Question 6
Which film was originally called 'Dead Right'?
Question 7
Who is the only Canadian to win a Best Director Oscar?
Question 8
Which futuristic space ranger featured in the film Toy Story?
Question 9
Which diva sang the theme tune to 'Titanic'?
Question 10
Which film saw an assembly of the talents of Kevin Spacey, Rhys Ifans, Pete Postlethwaite and Cate Blanchett?
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