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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Who directed the movies The Big Parade, The Crowd and War and Peace?
Question 2
In which 1989 movie, did Gregory Peck play the writer Ambrose Bierce?
Question 3
Name the singer that starred in the film 'The Hunger Games'?
Question 4
Who starred in Friends spin-off Joey?
Question 5
Who is a prominent enemy of Batman?
Question 6
Who wrote the play 'An Inspector Calls'?
Question 7
What is R2D2s robot companion called in the “Star Wars” films?
Question 8
The 1962 western film How the West was won can also be considered?
Question 9
In 101 Dalmatians, where does Cruella de Vil live?
Question 10
Which Henrik Ibsen play ends with a woman leaving her family?
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