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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Which actor has NOT portrayed Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk's split personality, in film?
Question 2
What film draws on The Call of Cthulhu for some of its inspiration?
Question 3
Which actress was awarded the Best Actress Oscar award before the others?
Question 4
Who won the Academy Award for Best Director for the film 'Brokeback Mountain'?
Question 5
Who does Batman face off against in a direct to DVD release in 2019?
Question 6
In the beginning of The Lovebirds, the couple is arguing about what reality TV show?
Question 7
What is Jason Voorhees' weapon of choice?
Question 8
The short movies 'Planet Terror' and 'Death Proof' make up what movie?
Question 9
Did the same people who won Best Actor and Best Actress at the Golden Globes win Best Actor and Best Actress at the Oscars?
Question 10
Which actor links these 3 movies: 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Rock Of Ages and Arthur'?
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