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Movies Quiz

Question 1
What 2019 sequel to a 2016 movie that was based on a phone app features a main character named Red?
Question 2
Who is the director for Wonder Woman 1984
Question 3
What movie follows Bruno, a widow who moves back with his parents after his in-laws evict him?
Question 4
Which actor has NOT portrayed Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk's split personality, in film?
Question 5
The Northuldra are a group of people from what movie?
Question 6
What year of the Olympics does the story of Richard Jewell revolve around?
Question 7
What other director did Bong Joon-Ho quote during his acceptance speech for Best Director?
Question 8
Who was the director of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'?
Question 9
What movie did James Franco win a Golden Globe for Best Actor for?
Question 10
About how long is The Irishman?
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