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Movies Quiz

Question 1
What star took a homeless woman he helped as his date to the 'The Hangover Part III' premiere?
Question 2
In which building did Rwandans seek refuge during the events depicted in "Beyond the Gates"?
Question 3
Best known for the humanitarian service Oscar named for him, what actor starred on the Dr Christian radio series and played Shirley Temple's grandfather in Heidi?
Question 4
In the 2008 film "Definitely Maybe", Maya Hayes is played by what "Little Miss Sunshine" star?
Question 5
What city named its famous film festival's award for the palm leaf found on its coat of arms?
Question 6
Select the Actor who won the Best Actor Award BEFORE the others?
Question 7
Who teaches the Divinations class in the movie "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"?
Question 8
Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack are the names of the children in which Pixar movie?
Question 9
Two of what films actor's are buried in Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles: Heather O'Rourke, who played the little Carol-Anne, and Dominique Dunne, who played her teenager sister. One died of intestinal stenosis; the other was strangled. What movie?
Question 10
Who co starred with Brad Pitt in the movie "Legends of the Fall"?
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