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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Whose last film was I Could Go On Singing?
Question 2
Finish the movie title: Indiana Jones and the last ____.
Question 3
Who won Best Actress for her role in ?Gravity? at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards?
Question 4
In what year was 'Finding Nemo' released?
Question 5
Who did Anthony Daniels provide the voice for in Star Wars?
Question 6
Which film star once sold lingerie door to door?
Question 7
Which character does Julia Roberts play in 'Notting Hill'?
Question 8
Which Kenneth has played Richard Hannay in a film version of The 39 Steps?
Question 9
In which decade did Bambi get released?
Question 10
What sort of movie features hand to hand combat involves Karate and Kung-Fu?
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