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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Name the pirate played by Johnny Depp?
Question 2
What occupation does Scarlett Johansson's character have in Marriage Story?
Question 3
What other director did Bong Joon-Ho quote during his acceptance speech for Best Director?
Question 4
What number film in the Toy Story franchise was released in 2019?
Question 5
How many movies were nominated for Best Picture?
Question 6
In Scoob!, the gang is trying to prevent Cerberus from being unleashed. What type of creature is Cerberus?
Question 7
In Bad Education, Hugh Jackman plays a corrupt school superintendent from what state?
Question 8
What film broke Detective Pikachu's record for highest U.S. box office weekend debut for a video game adaptation?
Question 9
Who directed Hamilton?
Question 10
What Judd Apatow movie had its theatrical released cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic?
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