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Movies Quiz

Question 1
In "Home Alone 2", what store did Harry and Marv plan to rob on Christmas Eve?
Question 2
What actress did the role of Amy in the film "Her"?
Question 3
What is the name of the club where the reporter interviews Susan Alexander Kane in "Citizen Kane"?
Question 4
On which planet was Chewbacca born in the "Star Wars" series?
Question 5
What flag is displayed upside-down in the film "Days of Heaven"?
Question 6
In the 2013 animated film "Frozen", Hans has how many older brothers?
Question 7
On the "New Moon" soundtrack whose song is "I Belong To You (New Moon)"?
Question 8
What movie star, known for his skills on the race track, also gave Jake Gyllenhaal his first driving lesson?
Question 9
In what film did Alan Rickman play Alexander "Alex" Dane/Dr. Lazarus?
Question 10
In what film did G.W. Bailey play Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris?
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