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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Until he switched to Heineken beers for Skyfall, what James Bond actor on average knocked back the most martinis per movie, according to Entertainment Weekly?
Question 2
What biblical movie was the first film released in CinemaScope?
Question 3
Moneyball and Tree of Life were both nominated for Best Picture Oscars. Who starred in both movies?
Question 4
What band released in 2009 a 3D film version of them in concert?
Question 5
What prince does Ella fall in love with in the movie "Ella Enchanted"?
Question 6
Warren Beatty originally wanted Muhammad Ali for the lead, and Cary Grant for the angelic Mr Jordan, in what movie, in which he eventually played the lead himself?
Question 7
What is the name of Peter Parker's uncle?
Question 8
What is unusual about Emerson's education in the film "Whole New Thing"?
Question 9
In what movie does Hannibal say, "Good evening, Clarice," but never, "Hello, Clarice"?
Question 10
He says check it out! What Texan movie reviewer, who specializes in "drive-in movies," was born John Irving Bloom?
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