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Do you remember the 50s?

Question 1
Which invention made driving easier, when first introduced on Chrysler cars in 1951?
Question 2
Zapotek ran which distance for the first time and took the gold at the 1956 Olympics?
Question 3
Professional tennis player Maria Bueno was from which country?
Question 4
What was the surname of 50s model Dorian?
Question 5
Frank Sinatra sung 'Luck be a Lady' in which hit musical film?
Question 6
Sculptor Laurence Bradshaw created a 1956 monument to Karl Marx in a graveyard in which European city?
Question 7
Which group a hit with the 1954 song The Sandman?
Question 8
What was the occupation of TV's Perry Mason?
Question 9
Coca-Cola introduced drinks in which container in the 1950s?
Question 10
Enovid was the first brand of which revolutionary 1950s pharmaceutical?
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