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Do you remember these old cities?

Question 1
When the Plague hit Paris in 1348, what was the city's population?
Question 2
Which 11th century Norwegian city is known as "city of the seven mountains"?
Question 3
The Jamestown settlement in Virginia was established by which country?
Question 4
Bergen was founded in 1070 in which country?
Question 5
In 1900, how many people were living in London?
Question 6
Harare was known as which name until 1982?
Question 7
Which is the oldest city in Spain?
Question 8
Leptis Magna was a Roman city in which African country?
Question 9
As a joke, the town of Topeka in Kansas changed its name to which internet giant in 2010?
Question 10
In 2005, the Dutch city of Nijmegen celebrated how many years of existence?
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