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Do you remember these old cities?

Question 1
Famagusta on which island was abandoned in 1974?
Question 2
Patras and Chios are ancient cities in which country?
Question 3
The oldest continuously inhabited US city is in which state?
Question 4
What was the Indian city of Chennai called until 1996?
Question 5
In 800 AD, which southern Spanish city was the largest in Europe?
Question 6
Cusco, ancient capital of the Aztec empire, is in which modern country?
Question 7
Queen Dido was leader of which ancient city?
Question 8
In 1450AD, which Spanish city overtook Paris as the most populated in Europe?
Question 9
Medieval pilgrims walked to which city in northwest Spain?
Question 10
In 3000 BC, the world's most populated cities were in which part of the world?
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