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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Which character did not feature in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy?
Question 2
Owain Glyndwr proclaimed himself Prince of which country in 1400 AD?
Question 3
Which drama series premiered on BBC in 1978?
Question 4
What is the California region called that is famous for their wine production?
Question 5
Michael Bloomberg succeeded who as Mayor of New York when he took office in 2002?
Question 6
276x268÷268 equals what number?
Question 7
Which country is famous from her wooden shoes, windmills and red light district?
Question 8
Complete the title of the 2003 Evanescence hit, 'Bring Me to….'?
Question 9
What Simon and Garfunkle song may have been written about the patron saint of music, who sang as she was being martyred?
Question 10
What does the inhaler 'Le Whif' replicate the positive sensations of what with none of the unwanted effects?
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