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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Nazem El Ghazaki began his career as what before becoming a singer?
Question 2
In what year did British painter Sir James Thornhill die?
Question 3
In which of the following years did Oasis release the single 'Don't Look Back In Anger' in the UK?
Question 4
Vincent Van Gogh was born in which century?
Question 5
What is the six-mile chain of parks running from Fenway to the Arnold Arboretum known as in Boston?
Question 6
Who sang the song, "Take a Bow"?
Question 7
The song "Here for You" by English production duo Gorgon City features vocals from which singer?
Question 8
In 1991, three Virginia 13-yr-olds, Renee Carter, Sarah Creef and Amy Crosby, drew storyboards for an episode of what TV show, which actually ended up getting made?
Question 9
What was the debut single from Algerian born Rachid Taha?
Question 10
How did the Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter learn to play the guitar?
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