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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Which of the following Fred's is an infamous English serial killer of the 1990's?
Question 2
What was the emblem of the WWII U-Boat U-3008?
Question 3
Niels Bohr died in 1962. What award did he win?
Question 4
What team traded Jay Buhner to the Mariners in 1988?
Question 5
You can find Mount Rainier at which location?
Question 6
What did the 313 AD Edict of Milan establish?
Question 7
Which 2014 device is a Bluetooth padlock that can be unlocked simply by hovering a smartphone nearby?
Question 8
What animal is a water bird that is often raised on farms?
Question 9
Who was the first cricketer to score a century in a Test match?
Question 10
Which US President was born in 1865?
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