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Math Quiz

Question 1
Martha bought a banana for 55p. How much change did she get from her £1 coin?
Question 2
There are two stacks of gifts: 5 gifts in one stack and 8 gifts in the other. How many gifts are there?
Question 3
A car is travelling 75 kilometers per hour. How many metres does the car travel in one minute?
Question 4
A group of students consists of 18 girls and 16 boys; what is the probability of selecting a girl?
Question 5
What is 33 + 6 + 20?
Question 6
A triangle has two interior angles of 50 and 55 degrees. How many degrees is the third angle?
Question 7
What is the total of 12 + 28 + 52?
Question 8
Which is the least common multiple of 12 and 16?
Question 9
If 200 text messages cost $4.95, how many text messages do you get for $7.50?
Question 10
Which is the largest number?
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