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Math Quiz

Question 1
Which is largest?
Question 2
Bert has 78 apple trees in his orchard, each with 24 apples on. How many apples does he have?
Question 3
Something raised to the second power is Squared. What is something raised to the third power?
Question 4
Amir bought a box of 68 candles for £48, and made £54 profit selling them. How much did he sell each candle for?
Question 5
Russell bought 7 apples at 22p each and a can of beans for 54p. What did he spend?
Question 6
What number minus 7 equals 12?
Question 7
What is 50% of 212?
Question 8
What is 78 - 36?
Question 9
Hassan and John have 65 books between them. A fifth belong to John, so how many are Hamza's?
Question 10
If I need a fork, knife and spoon for 42 people, how many items of cutlery do I need?
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