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Math Quiz

Question 1
I leave home at 9am, walk 20 minutes to the gym, do a 45 minute class and spend a quarter hour in the café. What time do I leave?
Question 2
Put these distances in the correct order, longest to shortest.
Question 3
Approximately how many deciliters can one cubic foot hold: 237, 283, 342 or 411?
Question 4
What is 4,151,477 rounded to the nearest 10,000?
Question 5
Matthew eats 4 cookies out of the cookie jar. There were originally 28 cookies in the jar. How many are left now?
Question 6
Which of these is a specific example of an isosceles triangle?
Question 7
2292+1532+772 equals what number?
Question 8
342+232+122 equals what number?
Question 9
2376+1588+800 equals what number?
Question 10
Josh reduces his hours and his £21,000 salary by 15%. What is his new salary?
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