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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?

Question 1
Which of these home run hitters did not reach 500 home runs in his MLB career?
Question 2
How many British monarchs came from the Tudor dynasty?
Question 3
In medical history, what did Edward Jenner discover in 1796?
Question 4
Who was the first U.S. Air Service Ace of World War I?
Question 5
1960's "Flower People" were associated with what California neighborhood?
Question 6
What does the 'e' in e-mail stand for?
Question 7
Who sang the famous song The Object Of My Affection (1936)?
Question 8
During the Middle Ages, who was the single largest owner of land?
Question 9
What was Wassily Kandinsky's work "Yellow Sound"?
Question 10
What was the first name of the intern with whom Bill Clinton allegedly had an affair in 1998?
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