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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?

Question 1
How many countries does Belgium share a border with?
Question 2
In which board game do players listen to clues about their secret admirers?
Question 3
What substance are Alexander the Great's remains preserved in?
Question 4
Which group won a Best New Artist Grammy in 1964?
Question 5
Who was the Baltimore Ravens' backup quarterback for Joe Flacco in the 2011 NFL season?
Question 6
Born in what is now in West Virginia, what nickname did Thomas Jonathan Jackson acquire at Bull Run?
Question 7
What John Lennon song has the lyrics, "keep you doped with religion, sex and TV"?
Question 8
In which year did the Russian Revolution take place?
Question 9
Something to remember next time you're in India. Lacking a middle ear, what animal is actually following the charmer's flute, not the music?
Question 10
In which year did the WHO announce that smallpox had been eradicated?
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