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Extremely hard mixed knowledge quiz, how many did you answer correctly?

Question 1
60s movie "The Great Escape" was set in which conflict?
Question 2
What year did Maria Sharapova win her first Wimbledon Championship?
Question 3
Where did Janet Jackson get the name for her 2004 album 'Damita Jo'?
Question 4
Who sang the song, "Fantastic Voyage"?
Question 5
What year did John Quincy Adams defend Amistad slaves?
Question 6
How was Eskendrella band named?
Question 7
In what year was Mulberry launched?
Question 8
A great way to promote your online presence is to create a Facebook what?
Question 9
The richest artist in the world, who jumped the (preserved) shark in 2012, when his pieces started reselling at an average loss of about 30%?
Question 10
When did the Boer War end?
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