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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

Question 1
HDLs are good. LDLs are bad. What are they?
Question 2
What does the "U" in SUV stand for?
Question 3
What's the chemical symbol for water?
Question 4
A person who specializes in the study of plants is called what?
Question 5
In which part of the human skeleton will you find the Sacrum, Ilium and Pubis?
Question 6
What spacecraft takes astronauts into space, orbits the Earth and can be flown more than once?
Question 7
How many feet does an alligator have?
Question 8
Henry Heimlich, who created a life-saving manoeuvre, worked in what medical field?
Question 9
You can wear a t-shirt saying you're an "official chest inspector," or you can find what item, whose name combines the Greek words for "chest" and "to inspect"?
Question 10
What is the process of breaking down food called?
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