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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

Question 1
What property is a measurement of how hot or cold something is?
Question 2
What Japanese paper-based art is also of interest to mathematicians?
Question 3
Which of these is not an airport that serves London?
Question 4
The battling betta fish will attack its own reflection, and was once named for what now-renamed country in whose waters it was found?
Question 5
Of these elements, which is the most toxic to humans?
Question 6
Which of these would you not work out at a gym, but might instead use surgically if somebody gives birth at the gym?
Question 7
According to a 1785 book, I told outrageous lies about my adventures as a German cavalry officer. Today, people with a syndrome named for me are good at faking illness. Who am I?
Question 8
What are plants that grow, reproduce and die all in one season called?
Question 9
They say it takes 17 muscles to produce a smile and 43 muscles to do something else. What?
Question 10
In 1956, 26 Africanized killer bees escaped from a breeding lab in what country and headed north toward Texas?
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