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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

Question 1
Which of these is a key difference between arachnids and insects?
Question 2
Even though it has just two-thirds the conductivity of copper, which metal is often used to conduct electricity because it weighs a third as much and is much more ductile?
Question 3
Torald Sollmann tried to find an antidote to what horrific gas ... by spraying himself with it?
Question 4
What does a black box do on an airplane?
Question 5
The heaviest venomous snake is a rattler that shares its name with a baseball team. What is this snake?
Question 6
Although usually red, what January birthstone displays perhaps the greatest color variety of any gem?
Question 7
Love takes funny forms. Take that pretty, pretty flower. Smells nice to attract insects. Looks pretty to attract insects. Then what?
Question 8
Where in the human body would you find dentine?
Question 9
The words "the acre" are an anagram for what unit, used in the metric system for acres?
Question 10
What is the only digit with the same number of letters as its value?
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