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Extremely Hard Science Quiz Even Einstein would scratch his head!

Question 1
What is the most abundant element in the known universe?
Question 2
How many eggs will the average hen lay in a year?
Question 3
How fast can a bolt of lightning travel?
Question 4
What speed can a human reach in free fall?
Question 5
The Wright brothers accused what champion cyclist and self-taught mechanic of stealing their ideas?
Question 6
What type of microscope uses light and two or more lenses to see specimens?
Question 7
Back in the 1970s, why might you (or maybe your dad) have had an eight-track cartridge in the car?
Question 8
Joey is the name of the young of which animal?
Question 9
Which of these is another name for dirt?
Question 10
Which Jovian moon has volcanoes?
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