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Extremely Hard History Quiz, most people score only 3 out of 10.

Question 1
What was the surname of Florence, a famous Victorian nurse?
Question 2
On August 19, 1991, top Communists arrested what leader in his summer home, only for the coup to be foiled by Moscow protests led by Boris Yeltsin?
Question 3
In which city was the Jack Daniel's whiskey distillery was founded in 1875?
Question 4
How many days after he came to office was Ronald Reagan shot in an attempted assassination?
Question 5
In what year was the first dot-com domain name is registered?
Question 6
How many different US Presidents were there during the decade of 1900-1910?
Question 7
Traditionally, Poland's kings were crowned in what city's cathedral, often after having been elected by a body of nobles called the Sejm?
Question 8
History and Science: What occurred BEFORE the others?
Question 9
Who recruited sailors for Legio I Adiutrix or the "helper" legion in 66 AD?
Question 10
What famous crime were the two brothers John J. "J.J." and James B. "J.B." McNamara imprisoned for in 1911?
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