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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Complete the name of this well known rapper. 'Andre ______'.
Question 2
Who once 'walked with god' and went 'Through the Wire'?
Question 3
In what year did Drake win 'Man of the Year' at the GQ Awards?
Question 4
Which band won the best folk album at the 2019 Grammys?
Question 5
Which group had a Number one hit with 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale'?
Question 6
Which city holds the Austin City Limits music festival?
Question 7
Billy Gibson was the lead singer of which group?
Question 8
In which year was the Stayin' Alive film soundtrack released as an album?
Question 9
Justin Bieber released which of the following pop songs in 2019?
Question 10
Which Oscar-winning actor sang on the Kanye West hit 'Gold Digger'?
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