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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Which Beatles' song did David Bowie cover on his "Young Americans" LP?
Question 2
Which artist has done a freestyle rap over Drake's song 'Every Girl'?
Question 3
Who wrote the first concerto to use a keyed trumpet?
Question 4
What song has the line, "Sometimes, you might start a fight but I'm happy pretending we're alright"?
Question 5
What year did Busta Rhymes release his second album "When Disaster Strikes"?
Question 6
After the Clash split, Mick Jones concentrated on what new wave band project?
Question 7
Which of these colors features on the 'SABIC' logo?
Question 8
How do you describe the Egyptian band Eskendrella?
Question 9
Nawal Al Zoghbi first won the Murex D'or for Best Lebanese Singer in which year?
Question 10
Which number is an Adele album title?
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