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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
What genre of music does Iraq's Hussam Al-Rassam sing?
Question 2
Detroit Emeralds had which hit single in 1972?
Question 3
Finish this line of Duffy lyrics: "You got me begging you for mercy - why won't you ___________". 
Question 4
What is Rihanna's last name?
Question 5
Where was T.I.'s video for "Why You Wanna" filmed?
Question 6
Under what name did Snoop Dogg release a Reggae album under?
Question 7
The DVD documentary "Down in the Woods" profiled which blues musician?
Question 8
When Rage Against the Machine split, the remaining members minus Zach went on to form:
Question 9
"More Hearts Than Mine" is the title of a country song released by which artist?
Question 10
What Eric B. & Rakim song was the theme song to the urban feature film "Juice"?
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