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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Meat Loaf often ends concerts with "Hot Patootie," his song from what cult musical?
Question 2
James Hetfield is the lead singer of which rock group?
Question 3
Anita Dobson's hit 'Anyone Can Fall In Love' put words to what theme tune?
Question 4
Peter Gabriel sang 'Down to Earth' in which 2008 film?
Question 5
Which Beatles child hit #1 in the US with "Too Late for Goodbyes" from his 1984 album Valotte?
Question 6
Which artist released the 2020 dance song "We Are Love"?
Question 7
Which Blondie song was highlighted in the movie American Gigolo with Richard Gere?
Question 8
This country singer wrote the 2019 song "We Back".
Question 9
Roy Orbison was born in 1936 in Texas. Which year did he die?
Question 10
The Jonas Brothers released which of the following songs in 2019?
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