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Question 1
What is the name of the branch of biology concerning the structure of the human body?
Question 2
Which celebrity never underwent breast reduction surgery?
Question 3
l240. Name the £l5million rated FA Premier League striker who United were linked with only 2days after the l999-2000 season had ended. for the transfer to collapse over a failed medical?
Question 4
Which of these drugs is a Beta blocker?
Question 5
Penicillin, an antibiotic to fight bacteria, belongs to which family?
Question 6
On which reality TV show do contestants undergo plastic surgery?
Question 7
A human's pineal gland is sensitive to what external stimuli?
Question 8
Medical History: What occurred first?
Question 9
The innermost part of bones contains what?
Question 10
Epilepsy is caused by electrical activity in which organ?
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