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Nobody was able to score a perfect 10

Question 1
What is the height of the sea's surface generally called?
Question 2
Which soft drink company used the slogan "Be a Pepper"?
Question 3
What is the term for the last coating or treatment of a surface that completes or perfects it?
Question 4
Which Johnny Weissmuller character's yell was apparently created by combining a violin G-string, a hyena's howl, a dog's growl and a camel's bleat?
Question 5
Who stole Laura Dern's boyfriend when she suddenly married Billy Bob Thornton, then dropped him to steal Jennifer Aniston's husband, Brad Pitt?
Question 6
An EKG, aka an electrocardiogram, measures electrical activity in what part of the body?
Question 7
Get two voices and you have a zwoarer. Get three and it's a dreier. Either way, you're likely in the Alps. What is it?
Question 8
Americans replace what cocktail's tomato juice with BBQ sauce to make a Bloody LeRoy?
Question 9
Which of these once Vice-Presidents of the USA did NOT succeed to the Presidency?
Question 10
I'm the Oscar-winning director of "Jaws", "E.T.", and "Jurassic Park". Who am I?
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