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We are warning you, this quiz is insane!

Question 1
Which mountain system is sometimes referred to as "The Backbone of England"?
Question 2
Which legendary band released 'The Wall'?
Question 3
Who sang the famous song "Give It Away" (1992)
Question 4
Napier Lane on Telegraph Hill is the last street in San Francisco made with something that almost all streets were made of before the fire there in 1906. What?
Question 5
If you like your rooms rather warm, francium, cesium, gallium and rubidium are all liquid elements. So are bromine and what other element?
Question 6
Brooke Shields, Rosie O'Donnell and Lucy "Xena, Princess Warrior" Lawless have all played Rizzo in what musical?
Question 7
If you drank a traditional yard of ale, how much booze did you put down?
Question 8
Who was arrested in LA in 1998 for 'engaging in a lewd act' in a public toilet?
Question 9
Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of what iconic weapon, died in 2013?
Question 10
Where did George Washington's troops spend the Christmas of 1777?
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