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Question 1
Who lost the mole below her right nostril around the time her Ray of Light album came out?
Question 2
Under Operation Dynamo, the British improvised an armada of private boats to evacuate 350,000 troops from Dunkirk in what country?
Question 3
The sovereignty of which city was established by 1929's Lateran Treaty?
Question 4
Who shot US President Reagan in 1981?
Question 5
In the novel "Hans Brinker", what is Hans' sister's name?
Question 6
What was the bulldog bred for?
Question 7
Although he played a fascist rock star in "The Wall," he was called "Saint Bob" for organizing Live Aid. Who?
Question 8
A chemical called thujone causes neurological havoc and is found in what very potent potable and former medical elixir?
Question 9
Popular in San Francisco and Argentina, an Italian drink called Fernet-Branca is made with what rare spice?
Question 10
Where was the big gold rush in 1849?
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