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Mathematics Quiz

Question 1
Which fraction is the largest?
Question 2
How many sides does a decagon have?
Question 3
If we start the day at 64 degrees F, and the temperature rises 36 degrees F, how hot is it?
Question 4
What is the roman numeral for 14?
Question 5
If bananas cost 40 cents per pound, and you buy 2.5 pounds, how much will you spend?
Question 6
If a dose of medicine is three pills, and a bottle has 200 pills, how many full doses are there?
Question 7
At what speed are you traveling if you drive 600 miles in 8 hours?
Question 8
With a maximum markup rate of 25%, how much can a store charge for an item that cost them $16?
Question 9
What coin is the same as 10 cents?
Question 10
Which number is odd?
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