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General Trivia Quiz

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Question 1
Which President of Haiti resigned in February 2004?
Question 2
As the crow flies, which of these pairs of cities are closest to each other?
Question 3
What detective agency went after Jesse James & Gang?
Question 4
Lucrezia Borgia, the noblewoman of Victor Hugo's drama of the same name, was of what nationality?
Question 5
Who sang the famous song "Empire State Of Mind" (2009)
Question 6
Between 1900 and 1910, who had a Blue Period, influenced by Spain, a Rose Period, influenced by France, and a Black Period, influenced by Africa?
Question 7
Cole Younger and his brothers joined what murderous pair of brothers to steal everything they could get their hands between Iowa and Texas?
Question 8
What does zoogeography study?
Question 9
During WWII, the Defense Research Laboratory at Queen's University made Canada a leader in entomological warfare research. What does this warfare involve?
Question 10
Which Irish politician was famed for fighting for Catholic emancipation in the 1800's?
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