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Question 1
Eleven percent of what island country is covered by glaciers?
Question 2
In 2015, who not only dumped Sean Penn, but started ghosting him, as though they'd never even met?
Question 3
The world's 1500 giant pandas are found in the western area of what country, where their name is xiong mao, meaning "bear cat"?
Question 4
Patagona gigas is the giant species of what bird, despite being just 8 inches long and weighing only two-thirds of an ounce?
Question 5
The name of what Peruvian capital is also the name of a bean?
Question 6
What movie's 45-second shower scene needed 90 shots from 70 camera angles, filmed over seven days using Bosco chocolate syrup for blood?
Question 7
If you're sending something in a Manila envelop, you're using a paper originally made of abaca hemp and named for a city in what country?
Question 8
What major invention did Alexander Graham Bell unveil at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876?
Question 9
We take a quote worthy of Bartlett's and run it through a thesaurus worthy of Roget. Who would have said this? "Do not inquire as to what your nation can undertake for you, but instead inquire as to what you can undertake for your nation."
Question 10
What is the name for a person whose job is making suits and clothing?
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