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Question 1
Nguyen is the most common surname in which country?
Question 2
What hunk of Massachusetts granite (actually, Dedham granodiorite) is sometimes called "the most disappointing landmark in America"?
Question 3
Who carries Debra Winger out of the plant at the end of An Officer and A Gentleman?
Question 4
What Shakespeare play was about the conflict between a wife and husband?
Question 5
A 1976 earthquake flattened Tangshan in which country?
Question 6
Which is the app that identifies music and TV in seconds?
Question 7
What flavor is Grand Marnier?
Question 8
What album's spectrum-producing prism cover was inspired by Pink Floyd's light shows?
Question 9
Brian May is a guitarist from which band?
Question 10
About half of the land of which European country is below sea level?
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