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Question 1
What is 3668 rounded to the nearest thousand?
Question 2
If the area of a square is 64 square feet, what is the length of a side?
Question 3
In baseball, what is a batter's average when he makes three hits out of five turns at bat?
Question 4
If a 9 acre plot is divided into 3/4 acre lots, how many lots will there be?
Question 5
What is -(3 + 7)?
Question 6
How many pounds are in a U.S. ton?
Question 7
Which of the following fractions is a unit fraction?
Question 8
What coin do you need twenty of to make one dollar?
Question 9
What is the perimeter of a rectangle that has a length of 8 ft and a width of 6 ft?
Question 10
How many nickels equal two dollars?
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