History Quiz
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On which island was Napoleon born?
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The Million Dollar Quartet recorded an impromptu jam session in which studio?
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In what year did the 'Battle of Gazala' begin during the North African Campaign of World War II?
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What country's Friedrich Wilhelm I used to keep pistols loaded with salt by his throne, so he could shoot people who annoyed him?
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In what year of the Second World War was the Auschwitz Concentration Camp liberated?
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What car company released the second generation Camaro?
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Some 600 Dutch UN soldiers fled Srebrenica after a 1993 siege, permitting mass rape and the deaths of 7800 Muslim Bosniaks. By whom?
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In 1608, Hans Lippershey was credited with which invention/discovery?
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What dictator called Hans Horbiger "the Copernicus of the 20th century" for his belief that the moon was covered in ice and that the Milky Way was just icy powder?
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In what country did the Khobar Towers bombing take place?

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