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What kind of device uses a magnetron to generate 2,450 megahertz radiation, which is a frequency high enough to cook food?
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Conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan appear to have had what superpower?
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Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant were the first two people to use this invention, but First Lady Lucy Hayes was the third. What?
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Not tonight, dear. I have cephalalgia. What is cephalalgia?
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What is unusual about the way marsupials give birth?
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Prohibited by treaty from setting up a space program at home, a West German company called OTRAG established a failed space program in what unlikely African country?
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When Steady Ed Headrick died, his ashes were incorporated into a device that he had invented for Wham-O. What was it?
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Instead of teeth, which of these animals would have a second stomach called a gizzard?
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My eaten food passes into a crop, a bag-like swelling in the esophagus, where it waits for room in my two-part stomach, the second part of which is my gizzard, where the food gets ground up by swallowed gravel and grit. What am I?
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Only a few hundred of Panthera leo persica survive, holding on in India's Gir Forest. What is it?

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