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Question 1
What Mongol deployed a mounted courier service called the yam and ruled through an imperial code he called the Great Yasa?
Question 2
What failed presidential candidate and UFO buff was nicknamed AuH20?
Question 3
Whose claims to the Falkland Islands do the United States not recognize?
Question 4
What direction are you going if travelling from Missouri to Louisiana?
Question 5
The Great Barrier Reef has its own what?
Question 6
Namor is half Atlantean and half what?
Question 7
Which Canadian rapper released the album "Take Care" in 2011?
Question 8
What famous patriotic song did Francis Scott Key write in 1814?
Question 9
Which fruit is grenadine made from?
Question 10
Which Rolling Stones song has the line "Don't hang around 'cause two's a crowd"?
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