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How Big Is Your Brain?

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Question 1
What is Somalia's capital city?
Question 2
A walrus is what type of animal?
Question 3
What is a space which is entirely devoid of matter called in science terms?
Question 4
What is the attempt to overthrow a government by force or at least interrupt its activities called?
Question 5
Who is the pop star that died from complications from an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa?
Question 6
Who was in the car with Diana, Princess of Wales when the deadly car crash occurred?
Question 7
Helsinki is the capital of which country?
Question 8
Which European country's highest elevation point is Grossglockner at 3,798 meters?
Question 9
What lake has as its basin countries Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya?
Question 10
Finish The Lyric: "Imagine all the people, living"?
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We selected 3 interesting quizzes for you