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Question 1
Which species is also known as the wild dog from Australia?
Question 2
What type of animal is an Arctic tern?
Question 3
Something that is clear enough to allow light to pass is best described by which science term?
Question 4
What famous Italian artist studied human body-part relationships?
Question 5
What type of lens has a thin middle and makes objects appear smaller?
Question 6
What is the very yummy German treat "Apfelpfannkuchen" in English?
Question 7
The Zimbabwe government was sued in 2008 because of a cholera outbreak, caused by people doing what?
Question 8
Which country attacked the secessionist Republic of Chechnya in 1994?
Question 9
In what year did Hitler annex Austria?
Question 10
You can find the Mediterranean Sea at which location?
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We selected 3 interesting quizzes for you