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Question 1
What were the winners of the ancient Olympics given?
Question 2
Whom did Britain's Prince Charles marry on July 29, 1981?
Question 3
Which annual summit took place in Northern Ireland in June of 2013?
Question 4
Which European country was gripped by pro-EU protests in 2013?
Question 5
Which former Prime Minister of Israel died in 2014?
Question 6
Who, along with Leonardo da Vinci, is often called a "Renaissance man"?
Question 7
What German economist and philosopher, along with Friedrich Engels, wrote "The Communist Manifesto"?
Question 8
The invasion of what country by Germany marked the beginning of World War II in Europe?
Question 9
What future leader of their country was born in 1984?
Question 10
Who began writing "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in 1990?
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