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Question 1
A newborn with Spina Bifida primarily has an abnormality in which body part?
Question 2
What are deposits of fat trapped in pockets underneath the skin?
Question 3
What also means "negative side effect"?
Question 4
What is "the restoration of normal heart beat by electric shock" called?
Question 5
The definition of "a disease which can be transmitted to one's offspring resulting in damage to future children" best fits this medical term?
Question 6
How else could you say "alternately ceasing and beginning" in a medical context?
Question 7
The medical term "phlebitis" is best defined as?
Question 8
What is the most flexible muscle in the body?
Question 9
Where is the clavicle located?
Question 10
How can you easily increase your cardiovascular endurance level?
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We selected 3 interesting quizzes for you