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The Infamous Quiz

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Question 1
What nickname was given to the group of entertainers starring in 1960's heist film "Ocean's Eleven"?
Question 2
What body system is the human heart part of?
Question 3
Why is it wise to decant most commercial brands of wine prior to consuming?
Question 4
What breakfast cereal has the bumblebee character BuzzBee as its mascot?
Question 5
If a recipe required you to "julienne" a carrot, what would you do to it?
Question 6
Which group of Scandinavians invaded and conquered other lands?
Question 7
You can find the Plaza San Pietro at which location?
Question 8
Rastafarians and dreadlocks are associated with what island's culture?
Question 9
Where is Bondi Beach located?
Question 10
Who had the hit 60's song "Eight Days a Week" on Capitol?
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