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President John F. Kennedy son was born in 1960. What was his first name?
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Supposedly, Cleopatra proved her love to which Roman by dissolving two pearls in vinegar, even though no vinegar could possibly be strong enough to do so?
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The cousin of a pineapple mogul, who deposed the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 and became the Republic of Hawaii's only president?
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What film with Gilbert Gottfried as Iago the Parrot was released in 1992?
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Big Hero 6 was designed to combine the culture of California with that of what country?
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What number is represented by a one followed by nine zeroes?
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Platelets help the blood perform what function?
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A swimming pool has capacity for 90 and is 80% full. How many more people can get in?
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3 songs from which film were nominated for the 2006 Oscar?
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Which term refers to the presence of or requirement for oxygen?

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