Science Quiz
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What sterile animal is produced when a male donkey breeds with a female horse?
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What is hyperglycemia?
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To escape snide coverage of his "moon rockets," Robert Goddard fled to what community, which today is, ironically enough, best known as a supposed UFO landing pad?
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What British media mogul set a record for the fastest crossing of the English channel by an amphibious vehicle?
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What type of blood cell helps fight and eat germs?
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In addition to inventing a proto-computer, Charles Babbage also invented the cowcatcher. What is this?
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What are circuits with more than one pathway for electrons called?
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Before he designed the Saturn V that launched Apollo 11, he was a member of both the Nazi party and the SS, having used slave labor from the Dora concentration camp. Who?
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How cold does it need to be outside before it can snow?
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Which chemical element is named after the inventor of dynamite?

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