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Question 1
Which of these is South Africa particularly famous for being a source of?
Question 2
What is the name of the legendary and elusive golden city the Spanish Conquistadores searched for in the Amazon?
Question 3
In the harbor area of which US city is Ellis Island a tourist attraction?
Question 4
What Florida tourist attraction boasts more than 20 resort hotels?
Question 5
Which classic song starts with the lyric - 'Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans'?
Question 6
In which Illinois town was the first skyscraper built in 1893?
Question 7
What was Neil Armstrong's famous deed, accomplished in 1969?
Question 8
Twenty-two leaders of the Nazi party were tried in 1946 in what German city?
Question 9
In what city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated in 1963?
Question 10
Which of these famous actors left the U.S. for the final time in 1953?
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