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General Trivia Quiz

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Question 1
What is the name of the haunted hotel in The Shining?
Question 2
What song about an Alabaman with a banjo on his knee was first performed at a Pittsburgh ice cream parlour?
Question 3
How many times does a faithful Muslim pray each day?
Question 4
In the "Harry Potter" saga, what does Harry eat so he can breathe under water?
Question 5
In which Gulf is the island nation of Bahrain situated?
Question 6
Which pop star is the oldest?
Question 7
Who did Shane Mosley defeat in 2000 to win the WBA welterweight title?
Question 8
Which expression is used for the expulsion of someone from an internet community?
Question 9
What is the average serving size of one ice cream scoop?
Question 10
In a tennis match what is a good shot that lands in the opponent's court called?
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