Impossible Mixed Trivia Quiz
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What kind of astronomical body is officially known as IP/Halley?
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The Everglades is a large area of swampland in which state?
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Wembley Stadium has hosted NFL games, but in which European city is it found?
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Lucille Ball was married to which fellow actor and comedian?
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Which technological device exploded in popularlity during the 1950s?
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In what country is the World Heritage site, Temple and Cemetery of Confucius?
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What popular 1970's and 1980's game was created by a Hungarian sculptor?
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What is the name of the process where dry food is cooked with no oil or liquid?
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How much did the gigantic Triceratops weigh?
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What color is the badge issued to disabled drivers to allow them to park in designated bays?
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What does a blogger do on the Web?
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What style of cooking uses dry heat via conduction?
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The Peronist Party was a political movement in which country?
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The year 1977 saw the deaths of Bing Crosby, Charlie Chaplin and what rock 'n' roll pioneer?
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What is the name of the father in The Jetsons?
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Who said, "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."?
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What body renamed itself Ocean Spray after a portion of its crop was exposed to a poisonous weed killer and recalled by the FDA?
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What is the current currency of Germany?
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The stars on what country's flag may stand for the nation and its four regions (Manchuria, Mongolia, Sinkiang and Tibet)?
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Which of these continent, country, capital groups is correct?

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