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Question 1
What does it mean to say a story is "humorous"?
Question 2
Which of these countries is located in the most northern point?
Question 3
Which of these American states is mainly given over to desert?
Question 4
Which of these movies is science fiction?
Question 5
Who had a 'Groovy Kind Of Love' in 1988?
Question 6
With which industry is the company 'Motown' associated?
Question 7
What was the name of the Apple domestic product first took the world by storm when released in 2001?
Question 8
In cricket, what is the wooden item with three stumps and two bails?
Question 9
What is fois gras?
Question 10
The name of what U.S. state is Spanish for "mountain"?
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We selected 3 interesting quizzes for you