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Question 1
Syrup made from the sap of what tree is a popular topping for waffles and pancakes?
Question 2
Zulus live in which continent?
Question 3
Colorado is the name of a state and what else?
Question 4
Which of these mountains is an active volcano?
Question 5
Which U.S. State is known as the Bluegrass State?
Question 6
What river, the longest in South America, is the setting for the movie "Memory"?
Question 7
Which of these bands was composed of brothers?
Question 8
Which country did Rod Stewart apply for citizenship in 1975?
Question 9
Which Washington state volcano erupted in 1980?
Question 10
In 1968, Robert Dennard was credited with which invention/discovery?
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We selected 3 interesting quizzes for you