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Mixed Knowledge Quiz

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Question 1
In Jamaica, try a pastry tart called either gizzada or pinch-me-not, which is filled with various sweets and what grated palm fruit?
Question 2
The 'Battles of Concord and Lexington' were fought during which war?
Question 3
What is the capital city of San Marino?
Question 4
When Teddy Kennedy died in 2009, what was his role in US politics?
Question 5
Which of these religions has the most members in Italy?
Question 6
In 1993, who won the Best Rock Song Grammy for "Layla"?
Question 7
Nickelback's 2014 hit "Edge of a Revolution" was written about the ongoing war in what country?
Question 8
Who has scored more total points over their NBA career?
Question 9
Out of these NBA players who made the most playoff game appearances?
Question 10
You can find the Florida Keys at which location?
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