10 Knowledge Questions
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Vladimir the Great is also St Vladimir of Kiev, having brought Christianity to what people?
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Who sang the famous song "Anniversary Song" (1940)?
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Where was the Battle of the Coral Sea, the first naval battle fought solely by airplanes and aircraft carriers, in which the ships never saw each saw?
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The Battle of Atlantic was a major battle which occurred during which century?
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After TV exec Dick Ebersol ponied up $50,000 for a charity auction, who performed "You're So Vain" for him, and then told him who it was about?
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Who played Han Solo in the hit 1977 movie 'Star Wars'?
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What is the name of unsweetened coconut cut in wide strips?
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A White Cuban is like a White Russian, except that something replaces the vodka. What?
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The teletypewriter (TTY) allows whom to make calls?
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Cavolo nero is a type of cabbage from which country?