Literature Quiz
Question 1 of 10
How would you best categorise Agatha Christie's books?
Question 2 of 10
Whose cabin did Harriet Beecher Stowe write about?
Question 3 of 10
The Munchkins appear in which novel?
Question 4 of 10
What is Doyle's full name?
Question 5 of 10
A supposedly-perfect society, as in "The Giver", is called what?
Question 6 of 10
Which literary character wanted to lose 7 pounds, stop smoking and develop inner poise?
Question 7 of 10
What is the mythology of the Vikings called?
Question 8 of 10
What does Sam I Am eat with his Green Eggs in the famous Dr. Seuss book?
Question 9 of 10
The book 'Long Walk to Freedom' is an autobiography of who?
Question 10 of 10
How many men were in Jerome K. Jerome's boat?